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Picasso and Nature

Many of us know Pablo Picasso mainly for the powerful statements he has made regarding war and violence, revolutionary plastic approaches of Cubism and Modernism, his interest in African art, his passionate and convoluted formal explorations of portraiture, of human figure and women, his rather intimate and tender erotic etchings…But his relationship with Nature has [...]

International Public Art Made Every Ten Years in Germany

The Skulptur Projekte Münster (SPM) has launched its fifth edition with 35 new productions of public art from 19 countries, ranging from sculptures to performances throughout the entire German city of Münster. The event will end on October 1st. Kultur Kunst Skulptur-Projekte Skulptur Projekte 2017Hier: unfertige Skulptur ( "Bratwurst auf Einmaulschl¸ssel" Schraubenschl¸sse)Nairy BaghramianBeliebte Stellen [...]