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[box] What a great site! It really gives me the feel of NY and it has been years since I have been there.

The site is super easy to maneuver and I love the art.

Art like this inspires my work I look forward to your new posts!

Teresa Hall
– Author and Poet[/box]

[box]I like the fact your articles are very different from other art reviews; very refreshing.

Chad Thomas – New York[/box]

[box] I love that you cover the flange with this project. There’s a feel of urgency, yet also a sense of bringing amazing art into people’s daily lives; and that gives us opportunity to go deep.

Dawei LI – Michigan[/box]

[box] I have seen Keith Harring’s graffiti-inspired drawings in museums and galleries here and there all over the world but to be able to see such a monumental retrospective at the Musee D’art Moderne de la Ville de Paris was breathtaking. Thanks to the recommendation at Inveroart, I was in Paris and went to see Harring’s fun and colorful paintings adorning whole walls and his many sculptures. Also watched a video showing the artist at work, energetic, playful, applying strong colors directly to paper without any hesitation. 

Elena Leigh,
Author – Paris

[box]Your writers have brought up many points for us to ponder on the subject of art itself, which I found very interesting. Keep up the good work. 

Jason Reed –
Los Angeles, CA

[box] Just a quick note to congratulate you on a great ‘On Nature’ review.


Fabiola Velez –

[box]I wish I could see the exhibition Parallel Worlds by Robert Irwin and too bad I am not in NY. Sounds amazing. Thank you Inveroart for introducing him to me. 

Lorraine Lawrence –
Toronto, Canada

[box] What a beautiful site! So refreshing and stress-free to access.

The articles are short and easy to read, when generally we find sites with too much information and we have such little free time to spend reading reviews on the internet.

Beatriz Palacios –
New York-Los Angeles-Aspen-Miami

[box] Thanks for this great site!

I particularly enjoyed seeing Christina Chow’s beautiful artwork featured in the video, THERE WILL BE LIGHT. This is a moving presentation of Christina’s art that highlights her remarkable ability to engage beauty as revealed between (and within) color and form–and light. Really good work.

Leigh Herrick Poet, Writer, Recording Artist[/box]


[box] A friend recommended me to visit this website and what a wonderful site this is! It is great to see such variety.

I particularly appreciated the video “There Will Be Light” with the art work of Christina Chow, whose paintings are like poetry: Sometimes with a strong structure, sometimes like free verse – yet always with the perspective of the artist that makes the viewer look twice. Her paintings do not wear off – there is something new to experience every time you look again.

I’m looking forward to new contributions.

Margot van Aanholt – author & publisher, Xanten, Germany