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Catch 22

by Juan van Wassenhove “Catch 22” is a phrase used to express a contradiction or an impossible situation,  like a  “mission impossible". It actually describes what I often feel when I visit an art fair and its satellite events: so many things to see in such a short period of time! To share with you my experience [...]

In-to Africa

  It is not often to see good art by lesser known artists from far away continents. It is possible right now, this summer, in Paris, at The Louis Vuitton Foundation, which has dedicated its entire space to celebrate African art under the title of “Art/Afrique, Le Nouvel Atelier” (Art/Africa, the New Workshop). The event [...]

Soledad’s moons

by E. Leigh   I was not familiar with Soledad Sevilla’s work when I walked into the Malborough Gallery in Barcelona. Her paintings in different sizes, some of them occupying a whole wall, immediately caught my attention. Obsessive play of lines and color combinations, risky use of negative space variables and light, leaving us a [...]

An Era of Anxiety at the 2015 Venice Biennale

by A.P. With the theme of “All the world’s futures”, the Nigerian Okwui Enwezor, the first African guest curator in the Venice Biennale’s 120 years of history, has got together 136 artists from 56 countries, of whom 89 artists are showing their work for the first time. Enwezor’s intention is to “build a new focus [...]

Voices For My Father

Ceiling high works that can measure as long as seven meters. All-over paint and collages of precious metals, bumper stickers, rubber tires, cracked eggs, a hundred dollar bills in Ziploc bags, trash. Overwhelming in scale, dynamic in sense of color and texture. For Michael Chow, better known as the celebrity co-founder and owner of the [...]