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Sorrows at the Guggenheim, 1909-1944

An essay by Elaine Smollin   Renato Bertelli,Continuous Profile of Musillini, 1933 Last night, I quickly scanned the spiraling galleries for works that would outpace Renato Bertelli’s, 1933, rotating heads of Mussolini for a formal embodiment of psychic imprinting of modernization- the kind we now take for granted as imprinted on our collective [...]


From the Series of EssaysRitual Practices by Elaine Smollin   Soutine knew it. The materialization of feeling can preserve a fleeting world. While he cultivated this affect, Soutine found sanctuary in a series of cities and towns, ultimately fleeing even Paris. While intensifying chaos institutionalized Diaspora as a way of life, for him, Expressionism became a [...]

Sandro Chia “Sator Arepo” at STEVEN HARVEY FINE ART PROJects

James Kalm caught up with Sandro at the recent opening of his works on paper show "Sator Arepo" at Steven Harvey. The show is a collection of intimate gem like works on paper that the artist has laboured on for years. For one opinion of why Chia's work should be relevant to today's art cognoscenti, [...]

Playing with Duchamp

by C.C. The image of the French artist Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) playing chess clearly reflects a decisive moment in art history. We are familiar with his famous urinal in Fountain (1917) that infuriated many and stirred up discussions and interpretations that changed the course of art history, bringing the focus of art onto its relationship [...]

15 Minutes Eternal

No title What would you like to see at the first Andy Warhol retrospective in China? The largest pop art exhibit from the “pope of consumerism” to ever hit the road? If you are thinking about one of the most recognizable series, the iconic screen print of Mao Zedong, you will notice that [...]


Paper, the summer exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London, will be open until September 29, so you still have time to appreciate the work of artists from around the globe that have succeeded in showing us that even though paper is considered an ephemeral product  it can be transformed into multiple objects of artistic [...]