Botero in China

Fernando Botero's fat ladies may be familiar to people around the world but they are certainly a novelty in China. For years, the famed Colombian artist has tried to show his work in China. He has had more than 50 exhibitions in major cities around the world but China was missing. There was always something; [...]

Dance the Orange in NY

by B. Palacios It is not unusual to find a painter who can master the use of colors to express their unique perception of reality. But, to convey the reality of happiness is a different matter. At the Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, we have found a painting exhibition doing just that. The Philadelphia [...]

Facing History

The woman on the screen is in a completely empty auditorium. She is singing and her voice is shrill and long, like a wounded animal. In her voice there is also a yearning, a pleading, as if she were praying. At the same time an immense tenderness is felt, as if her song were a [...]

Reflection Alone

"Reflection alone can give us the idea of what perception is" We saw these words in pale white neon lights above the stairs leading to the basement gallery at New York's Sean Kelly art gallery. We paused and wondered who wrote these words, and who was the artist who noticed them and used them to [...]