Picasso and Nature

Many of us know Pablo Picasso mainly for the powerful statements he has made regarding war and violence, revolutionary plastic approaches of Cubism and Modernism, his interest in African art, his passionate and convoluted formal explorations of portraiture, of human figure and women, his rather intimate and tender erotic etchings…But his relationship with Nature has [...]

In Praise of Voluminosity

Some artists are forgettable. Some of them shock you, sadden you, provoke you. Others simply move you beyond words. And then there is Fernando Botero. Love him, despise him or be indifferent, no matter what you feel, Botero continues chaffing at the church, the police, the society at large, anything he fancies, with what he [...]

A Quiet Break Into Intimacy

Too often we find ourselves surrounded by art with a magnificent political, ecological, anthropological, historical or many other purposes ending in “cal”. Art in contemporary times tends to voice a loud vortex of desperate emotions of inconformity of the world we live in.  It is, therefore, refreshing to find an art that does not sacrifice [...]

Bosch at El Prado

Walking into “Bosch: The 5th Centenary Exhibition” at Museo del Prado in Spain is to step into a world of its own. Colorful, vivacious, majestic, Bosch takes you into a place of original birth, capital sins and death, angels and demons, heavy in symbolism, repetitive in the search for religious and spiritual purity. Divided in [...]

Vlasta Remembered

Only rarely have I experience a calming melancholy when I walk into an art exhibition. The space at Prague City Gallery was kept in semi-darkness, islands of lights reflected on lonesome portraits that looked and felt desolate, strangely affecting. Czech artist Vlasta Vostrebalova Fischerova lived in tumultuous times and is considered a distinctive female representative [...]