If you’re going to San Francisco on a spring day,make sure to take the historic trolley and get off at The Castro district. There are numerous stylish shops, Eco-friendly cafes and bars but the thing to do is to look for murals. They are not easy to find but once you do, they are fun and constitute a reflection of the eclectic neighborhood around Mission Street.

In the early days, The Castro was cheap land where Irish, German and Scandinavian immigrants came to settle. In the 60s and 70s, the first gay community moved into the charming old Victorian houses and the area began to thrive.

Today, The Castro’s gay identity has become a tourist attraction.

Street art is ephemeral in nature. Murals are either short-lived and anonymous, changing quickly as time goes by, or more lasting like the ones painted by known artists, and when you walk long blocks and finally see and read them, they become a feast to the eyes and even the mind. One is transported into a world full of messages, where reflecting on every-day issues becomes a matter of art and beauty.