James Kalm caught up with Sandro at the recent opening of his works on paper show “Sator Arepo” at Steven Harvey. The show is a collection of intimate gem like works on paper that the artist has laboured on for years. For one opinion of why Chia’s work should be relevant to today’s art cognoscenti, I include this quote from the introduction to the 1986 book “The New Image: Painting in the 1980s” by Tony Godfrey.

“A few years ago, I was in conversation with an Italian art critic when out of the blue, and quite categorically, he asserted that painting had been reinvented in 1977 by the young Italian painter Sandro Chia…It was only on reflection that I realized that there was a certain perverse truth to the assertion. At the end of the seventies and beginning of the eighties a phenomenon known as the New Painting had emerged, firstly in Germany and Italy, then subsequently in the United States… ”

This program includes brief interviews with Sandro Chia and Steven Harvey, and a musical introduction by Morgan O’Kane.