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Subtle humor from Britain and South Africa in Colombia

Internationally renowned contemporary artists John Wood and Paul Harrison have brought a subtle British humor to the Colombian city of Medellin with a major exhibition at the Antioquia Museum, an anthology of drawings and videos they have made for the past 20 years. According to the curator Nydia Gomez, humor is the main resource of [...]

How much bigger and better is Art Basel Hong Kong?

By E. Leigh   I spent four days visiting Art Basel Hong Kong in an area that occupied almost 35,000 square meter (115,000 square feet) of the Convention Center by the waterfront. It was impossible, of course, to see all the exhibitions from 245 participating galleries from 39 countries and territories and go to over [...]


by AP Surprising is the recently born Cartagena de Indias International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Colombia, that opened within the framework of one the most beautiful cities in the world. Under the direction of the well-known curator Berta Sichel, and a team of curators such as the American Barbara S. Krulik, the Nigerian Bisi [...]

Theory of Comets

The room is spacious and empty, except for a projection of three gigantic screens on the wall. It shows a bright image of sand dunes, infinite and lonesome, with the wind whistling by. Then a loud cranking sound of mechanical wheels shatters the stillness and shutters slide down and immerse the room in total darkness. [...]

People’s Photo Festival

  Surrounded by ancient city walls dating back to 1370s in central China, this year’s 13th Pingyao International Photography Festival opened on September 19 thru 25. Despite large-scale destruction of historical sites during the Cultural Revolution and beyond, Pingyao is a rare jewel that has succeeded in preserving intact the Ba Gua pattern (eight trigrams in Taoism) for its city layout. [...]

The Lost Time

The Taipei Fine Arts Museum has opened a major exhibition of the work of award-winning Taiwanese photographer Chang Chao-Tang, who has chronicled the changes in his country over the past six decades. Time: The Images of Chang Chao-Tang presents more than 400 pieces from 1959 to 2013. These include prints, previously unreleased portraits, and images [...]