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New Edges at 90

At 90 years old, the celebrated minimalist American painter Ellsworth Kelly explores new possibilities of edges with an exhibition at Mathew Marks Gallery in New York. He is known for his hard edge paintings, but now, they have a surprising swerve.  The show will end on June 29th. Four Panels, oil on canvas four panels, [...]


A wind-borne paper boat wanders across the calm lake waters, finding its way into the hands of a little girl playing on the waters edge. Opening up the paper boat, she sees the picture of a small boy waving at her, as though from the distant shore. She immediately feels a connection with this little [...]

Playing with Duchamp

by C.C. The image of the French artist Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) playing chess clearly reflects a decisive moment in art history. We are familiar with his famous urinal in Fountain (1917) that infuriated many and stirred up discussions and interpretations that changed the course of art history, bringing the focus of art onto its relationship [...]

Nature Mirrowed

by C.C. Not often do we find an artist whose love for nature challenges our ideas regarding beauty. Just a few months ago, in summer, the New York born painter Jake Berthot came up with this mind-boggling statement: “In an ugly time, Beauty is held in suspicion”. Whatever happened to beauty or the idea about [...]

15 Minutes Eternal

No title What would you like to see at the first Andy Warhol retrospective in China? The largest pop art exhibit from the “pope of consumerism” to ever hit the road? If you are thinking about one of the most recognizable series, the iconic screen print of Mao Zedong, you will notice that [...]

The Return of Watercolor

Vu Thu HienLady In Red Four Asian painters use watercolor as the preferred medium to depict their world in a group exhibition at Asia Fine Art Gallery in Hong Kong until November. Colorful, calming, memory evoking. Four styles, four cultures. Vietnamese Vu Thu Hien exhibits a series of women from times gone by. [...]

MY Sheep Station

By C.C   When you love something, you want to possess it. It is always great to get into heavy philosophical debates with Zach, but when the issue came to our discussion, we were already exhausted after several hours of watching serious art in New York’s prime art district of Chelsea. Our minds were bombarded [...]