I first saw this film on the website of the British author Simon Van Booy, right after I read his novel Everything Beautiful Began After.

Although this was a different story, I felt the film was part of the novel, as if it were a sequel or a prelude of beauty that began with the story, a beauty that moved and inspired.

Then, after the film I had an opportunity to meet Simon who now lived in New York. There was a certain aura of lyricism that enveloped everything around him, as if he were one of the characters of his novel stepping out of his story to meet you.

A lot has been written and filmed about love, but I could not help but feel that his stories were the first ones that I had ever read, and I could not explain why, but they were contemporary and timely for the reader at the moment when you read them.

The film actually captures this.

The film is by the British film director and photographer Poppy de Villeneuve. She is best known for her muted and surreal images of people when they are unguarded and unexpected landscapes. She often works on projects involving rodeos, music, festivals, airport, celebrities and the great American West, and other times she shoots for publications such as The Telegraph and Vogue.


Written by Simon Van Booy

Directed by Poppy de Villeneuve
Produced by: Lisa Kjerulff
Starring: Jeremy Strong, Maya Kazan, Joan Copeland

Director of Photography: Nick Bentgen
Production Designer: Jessie Katz
Editor: Ruth Mamaril
Score: Krishna Venkatesh
Wardrobe Stylist: Sarah Mae Burton

Assistant Camera: GT Womack
Production Sound: Micah Bloomberg
Hair & Make-Up: Bridget Ritzinger
Production Assistants: Ryan Heyner, Jaime Johnson, Bailey Roberts

Post Sound: Gramercy Post
Color: DTouch

Glasses provided by Selima Opaque
Special thanks to the Perkins School for the Blind

This film was commissioned by Mondrian SoHo and Morgans Hotel Group