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From the Series of EssaysRitual Practices by Elaine Smollin   Soutine knew it. The materialization of feeling can preserve a fleeting world. While he cultivated this affect, Soutine found sanctuary in a series of cities and towns, ultimately fleeing even Paris. While intensifying chaos institutionalized Diaspora as a way of life, for him, Expressionism became a [...]

Theory of Comets

The room is spacious and empty, except for a projection of three gigantic screens on the wall. It shows a bright image of sand dunes, infinite and lonesome, with the wind whistling by. Then a loud cranking sound of mechanical wheels shatters the stillness and shutters slide down and immerse the room in total darkness. [...]

Sandro Chia “Sator Arepo” at STEVEN HARVEY FINE ART PROJects

James Kalm caught up with Sandro at the recent opening of his works on paper show "Sator Arepo" at Steven Harvey. The show is a collection of intimate gem like works on paper that the artist has laboured on for years. For one opinion of why Chia's work should be relevant to today's art cognoscenti, [...]

Inside Nature, there is Man; inside Man, there is Nature

Ma Yansong “Shanshui City” Exhibition from June 7th to 10th at Wuhao, Beijing Chinese architect Ma Yansong, 38 years old, and clad in black, talks easily about his new project “Shanshui City”, which means City of Mountains and Rivers. His exhibition of architectural models is set in a lush garden of a courtyard house in [...]