The Liverpool Biennial, in partnership with Qatar, is organizing a Future City Forum on Sept. 27.  Experts in the fields of art, architecture and urbanism will meet to explore optimistic plans about urban transformation around the world.

The one-day forum will be held at the John Lennon Art and Design Building in Liverpool. Entrance is free but booking is required.  You can find more information at

The forum will be followed the next day, Sept. 28, by expeditions around Liverpool. These will include a boat tour of Stanley Dock and an excursion to the Homebaked bakery in Anfield with Dutch artist Jeanne van Heeswjk. There are limited places for these expeditions so you need to book in advance.  (Visit the website mentioned above).

Future City is part of Qatar UK 2013 Year of Culture, to promote cultural exchanges, coordinated by the British Council and the Qatar Museums Authority. It is part of a program to explore the connections and asymmetries between cities, and the ability of contemporary art and production to “imagine urban and social development in a global context”.

Among the speakers are: Joseph Grima, a Milan-based architect and director of the architecture and design magazine Domus; Sophia Al Maria, artist and creator of Gulf Futurism, which concerns with architecture, urban planning, art and popular culture in the post oil Persian Gulf area; the architect Noura Al Sajeh; and Payan Sharifi, an Iranian-American artist, writer and co-founder of Slavs and Tartars, a collective art exhibition concept, focused on a specific area extending from the former Berlin Wall to the Great Wall in China.