At 90 years old, the celebrated minimalist American painter Ellsworth Kelly explores new possibilities of edges with an exhibition at Mathew Marks Gallery in New York. He is known for his hard edge paintings, but now, they have a surprising swerve.  The show will end on June 29th.

Elsworth Kelly 1a

Four Panels, oil on canvas four panels, 27 x 120″; 69 x 305 cm

Kelly 4a


Black Relief over White, oil on canvas, 2 joined panels, 72 x42 x 2 5/8″; 183 x 107 x 7 cm

Ellsworth Kelly-

Gold with Orange Reliefs, oil on canvas and wood, three joined panels, 79 1/4 x 72 3/4 2 5/8″ ; 201 x 185 x 7 cm.

Kelly 3a

Two Curves, oil on canvas, 551/2 x 82″; 141 x 208 cm