by Juan van Wassenhove

For this special space of “Catch 22”, I have made a selection of the art that I have experienced in my travels this year covering China, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, North Korea, and Switzerland. The media of the art works range from ancient roman statues and architecture to visual and digital art. What is at stake here is not the quintessential value of each individual art piece but rather the emotions I’ve felt when I saw it. Each represents a moment from which I can vividly recollect, sometimes in solitude, often shared with friends. All this will be treasured for a long time.

1. Georg Baselitz 2017, Beyeler Foundation, Basel;
2. Lois Conner, Leshan, Sichuan (Buddha’s hand and foot) 1986, pigment ink print, Temple Gallery Beijing;
3. Mosaic Pyongyang Subway Station, North Korea;
4. Sun Yanchu, Pine Tree, 2013, M97 Shanghai;
5. Roman Statue, National Roman Museum Palazzo Altemps, Rome;
6. Horse and Troubadour, Tang Dynasty Beijing National Museum;
7. Wang Keping, Madame Butterfly 2000, Chancery Lane Gallery Hong Kong;
8. Beatrice Caracciolo, Fuoco 7, photographic print in intaglio on waxed paper, 2012, Temple Gallery Beijing;
9. Yang Jiechang, Soya Sauce 1980, Ink Studio, Beijing
10. a) Xu Bing, Background Stories/front, mixed media 2018,UCCA, Beijing ;
b) Xu Bing, Background Stories/back, mixed media 2018,UCCA, Beijing ;
11. Xu Bing, Tobacco Project 1999-2011, mixed media UCCA, Beijing;
12. Xu Bing, Book from the Sky 1987-1991, mixed media UCCA, Beijing;
13. Cursive Script, Tang Xu (AD 658-742), Tang Dynasty Liaoning Provincial Museum;
14. Liu Wei, Microworld 2018, Aluminium Plates, Farschow Foundation, Beijing;
15. Fu Xiaotong, 306,000 pinpricks 2017, Chambers Gallery, Beijing ;
17. Olafur Eliasson, mixed media untitled, 2018 Brick Museum, Beijing;
18. Pantheon, Roma;
19. James Turrell, Elliptical glass 2017,Hausler Contemporary Zurich;
20. Ro   man statue head, National Roman Museum Palazzo Altemps, Rome;
21. Gorguryeo, Tomb North Korea


*Images on slider: Huang Xiaoliang, untitled 20150513 2015, Temple Gallery Beijing
TeamLab, Enso on the Qing Wall 2017, Temple DongJingYuan, Beijing