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Labor of Art

by Christina Chow   The other day a nice college art student approached me at a gym in Miami. He heard I was a professional artist so he shared with me his passion to draw on a computer. As a member of the X generation, he did not feel confident to draw with his hands. “I wish I could learn [...]

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A Tough Universe

by Jairo Dueñas The Colombian artist Male Correa wadded into the dark God-forsaken recesses of the city of Medellin, determined to paint them. She opened the doors to the slums and surprised their seemingly spectral inhabitants, illuminated their run-down spaces, spelled out their messages, painted their objects, and showed the aura that exhaled from their wounds. Male Strolling Down [...]

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Size Matters

Does size matter? Miniatures have a power of their own, they force us to pay attention, to look closely at the details, to find meaning in the way they are displayed, to take in the whole as well as its parts. Apart from telling a story, contemporary artist Liliana Porter addresses larger philosophical questions with her installation “The man with [...]

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Girl power

We often like to discover artists and artworks that are beyond the ordinary. This time we found in New York a powerful all-female ensemble of art that breaks boundaries. “Attached” is an unusual exploration of paintings that challenges the expressive and conceptual possibilities of the medium of collage. The contemporary artists Melissa Meyer, Meghan Brady and Sara Faux, led by [...]

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Thou Shall Not Forget

Painters who depict an epic moment in history are driven by the same impulse as history writers: to stop forgetfulness. Their names might not be well known outside their own country, their personal lives might not matter. However, what they leave behind, the realism in their paintings, can bring the viewer back to that precise instant in time when an act [...]

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Debris of Light – When photography becomes a field of demolition

by Jairo Dueñas   The hands of a philosopher trying to capture time frozen in an old family photograph can turn it into an excavation site. This is the work of the Colombian artist Andres Vergara. Portraits of memory and oblivion. Anyone hammering on a large photograph against a wall is without a shred of doubt a lunatic that should [...]

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