Who needs models anymore?

At a time when working with models no longer seems to be relevant, a group of contemporary artists has joined a New York Lower East Side gallery to create an event to prove that the art made from models could actually be cutting-edge. It can also be fun.

Invited by Mayson Gallery and 2nd Ave Arts, the artists will create a work from a live nude model between 11 am to 5 pm at the gallery on Saturday April 12th. The public will be able to watch the artists in action, and then see the work on display only for the weekend.

At the end of the day, the virtual performer and musician Loch Hame will make a special performance to celebrate the event.

According to the 2nd Ave Arts spokesman Mike Coleman, the idea of the event is that it is quick. “Artists making a finished work in just one day, and it seems fitting to show for just one weekend”.

Although some of them are currently focused on abstract and conceptual issues, the idea of working with models is a key element in their work, and the public has an opportunity to actually witness the process.

All the participating artists are somehow connected to the Lower East Side in New York, where diverse expressions, multi-culturalism, and diaspora constitute its tradition and personality. Many of them have lived, worked or simply hung around the Lower East Side, while others such as Loch Hame and Teresa Brown have also explored a myriad of mediums such as music, poetry, and virtual performances.

The artists include Mariangela Fremura, Dov Talpaz, Christina Chow, Jason Eisner, Teresa Brown, Benjamin Pritchard, Joshua Mongeau, Peter Bonner, and Jeff Quinn.